One of my passions is world music – and when it comes to the practice of Christian worship, the use of culturally diverse resources in our services.

When we engage with the music and words born in different times and different cultural contexts, they keep reminding us of the global nature of the church, and enrich us on so many levels.

Here I introduce you to one of the projects I’ve been involved in for a number of years – a European Baptist Songbook.

Other than that, this page is very much in development, and contains some of the songs I wrote, or recorded, over the past few years.

Don’t expect amazing sound quality – they were mostly recorded in my living room, or even on an old, slightly off-tune, piano when I’m back in Lithuania!

One day, I’ll start recording stuff a bit more seriously. But as some people asked me to put out what I already had anyway, here it is.

To find me on SoundCloud, click here.

Bringing Our Gifts: Songs and Hymns from Baptist Communities in Europe, the Middle East, and Central Asia

This collection, launched in 2022, contains contributions from over twenty nations or languages. It is a living project which I hope will continue growing – new contributions are welcome! More information here, and below is the launch event which took place in September 2022:

Various recordings

One of my favourite hymns (but then I have many!) is ‘Now the green blade rises.’ Tune: French carol, NOËL NOUVELET, Lyrics: John MacLeod Campbell Crum (1872-1958)

I’ve also translated it into Lithuanian.

And here is another of my favourite songs, by Bernadette Farrell. I recorded this one evening in 2015 for the ‘gratitude playlist’ of my friend who is a cancer survivor.

And a couple of songs I wrote in Lithuanian.

The tune known as ‘Nettleton’ accompanies me often when I lead worship – so many old and new hymns can be sung using this tune! Here is a Lithuanian version.

This radio programme contains music not written by me, but rather various pieces which in one way or another have been significant to me, interspersed with a bit of my life story.